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Crawl Space Insulation Installation Cost

Category : Insulation

Nobody loves to pay more! Are you stuck with paying prohibitive energy bills during the colder seasons? If your answer to the above question is yes, then you need to really consider giving your house a dose of crawl space insulation. This will definitely save you some amount in energy bills and give you a load of other varied benefits. For the optimal heat maintenance, consider insulating more than just the walls of your house. The attic, crawl space and basement of your house will benefit you more if they were insulated and checked. Get free estimates for crawl space insulation installation cost.

Installing crawl space insulation is one of the easiest ways to cut your heating and cooling costs in your home. Many people overlook the importance installing insulation under their home, and that is a big mistake. Installing insulation in your crawl space is every bit as important as installing insulation in the attic or the walls.

Crawl Space Insulation Installation Cost

Crawl space insulation can protect your house

This insulation helps in a couple of ways. First, by insulating properly, you are protecting your pipes and the infrastructure of your house from freezing in the cold winter months. Second, the insulation will help make it easier for your heating and air conditioning to maintain a constant temperature in your home. The more constant the temperature remains, the lower your electric bills will run. Finally, the insulation will help to eliminate moisture under your home and prevent your home from developing mold or other moisture related problems which can get very expensive over the long haul.

Many homes that are built over a crawl space often suffer with moisture related issues due to the area surroundings. Naturally, when moisture mixes with wood it creates a recipe for mold and even termite infestation, often leading to the deterioration of a home. Because indoor airflow naturally rises, using a vapor barrier and dehumidifier in the crawlspace can dramatically decrease the amount of moisture and soil gas present. Crawl space insulation installation cost can greatly reduce the risk for:

-Wood rot
-Floor failure
-Decreased insulation R-values
-Increased heating & cooling bills

Insulation is not something that is usually thought about among homeowners. It is typically brought to the forefront by some sort of problem such as moisture or a draft in the house. When this happens, you may turn to crawl space insulation to fix the issue.

The most common form of insulation used for crawl space insulation is fiberglass batts. Being the cheapest form of insulation and relatively easy to install, the batts are not the best choice when it comes to insulating the crawl space. A viable alternative is crawl space foam insulation and we will share with you some of the benefits.

Crawl Space Insulation Installation Cost

Many people are opting for crawl space spray insulation as opposed to the standard fiberglass batts even though the spray insulation for the crawl space will be more costly. The most advantageous feature of the spray insulation is that it is sprayed allowing it to seal off the area completely so that moisture and air cannot cause you more problems.

First of all, you must understand that fiberglass batts simply cannot completely eliminate the movement of air and the accumulation of moisture in your crawl space. Even a correct insulation with batts is unable to completely eliminate moisture and air which means some of the cold and warm air will be lost and your energy bill may not be as low as you hope.

What it helps in removing :-

Dust mites
-Aggravated allergies
-Poor storage environment
-Poor IAQ (Indoor Air Quality

The way to combat this problem is to make sure the home is completely sealed and there is no air leaking into the house from below. The best way to ensure a well insulated home that is completely sealed off is with crawl space foam insulation, more specifically the spray foam. Check out crawl space insulation installation cost free estimates for your home.

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The foam can be sprayed between the studs and is very effective in getting into tight spaces. Places where air constantly escapes are vents in your floors. The spray foam is able to fill in the gaps created by the vents so that your air is not escaping.

Another benefit of crawl space foam insulation is that it is very easy to get around wiring, pipes, and other obstacles under your house. Unfortunately all homes are not perfectly square and sometimes the boards underneath the home are not the correct size and it’s difficult to get the batts to fully seal off the area. This is not a problem when dealing with spray foam insulation.

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Insulation Cost Per Square Foot

Category : Insulation

Energy efficiency is a top priority for homeowners in every climate and season. Choosing the best insulation contractor that will provide you with expert advice on making your home comfortable and reducing your energy costs can be a challenge. Need help finding insulation contractors near you? Enter your zip code to be connected today to get insulation cost per square foot estimate.

Insulation contractors can maximize a homeowner’s investment by sealing the building envelope to stop conditioned indoor air from escaping and prevent unconditioned air from entering a home. Air exchange in and out of a home is a leading cause of escalated energy bills. The mechanical systems that heat and cool buildings are continuously operating; reducing extreme temperature variations saves on the overuse of mechanical systems and leads to lower energy bills.

Insulation Cost Per Square Foot

Insulation is quite convenient to install in a variety of situations. With insulation, you can simply fill any gaps you have in your walls by spraying into them. Installing insulation in this way has many advantages. Insulation does an excellent job of expanding to fill any gaps and cracks, making it great at blocking air currents and moisture, both of which can cause serious problems. In addition, insulation can be installed in large or small amounts easily, making it great for fixing problems with your current insulation.

Insulation contractors process makes it easy to completely fill wall cavities with insulation and to perform air sealing in the same step, and eliminates the need for separate air-tightness detailing. Spray foam can also be used primarily as an air-sealing component, and followed by less expensive insulation such as cellulose to provide the needed R-value.

Residential insulation contractors

  • Our insulation team adds energy efficiency, comfort and value to new and existing homes.
  • Spray foam insulation contractors near me
  • Our professional insulation provides home insulation removal services
  •  Garage Doors
  • We offer comprehensive residential garage door services, including new installation and replacement.

Home Insulation

With a complete line of the highest quality products available, our residential insulation contractors team has combined with years of experience with tried, tested and approved products that perform well. We have partnered with some of the most prominent manufacturers in the world to ensure our customers have the most reliable and appropriate solutions for their residential insulation needs, including:

> Attics
> Walls
> Basements
> Crawl spaces
> Garages

But we don’t just look for our customer to be happy—we look to create a comfortable, efficient home that satisfies generations to come. Our professionals work on residential new construction and retrofit (re-insulation) projects.

Commercial insulation

Do you need to install insulation in a commercial space? We are experts when it comes to insulating all types of buildings, from warehouses to offices and everything in between. From start to finish, when we install insulation in a building, our trained, experienced professionals will finish the job on time, on budget, safely and correctly.

Insulation materials for any project

Whether you need fiberglass batts for a building or need more spray foam for an attic retrofit job, we have you covered. Our contractors install a variety of insulation materials for home and commercial projects, including:

. Batt fiberglass
. Blown-in fiberglass
. Cellulose
. Spray foam
. Rigid foam

Our capabilities enable us to deal with any project, from residential to industrial and commercial spray foam, such as tank coatings, and much more. Check out free estimates for insulation cost per square foot for your home.

Insulation Cost Per Square Foot

We offer installation in nearly any type of property ranging from homes to office buildings to large-scale warehouses, whether new construction or retro-fit, we’ll cover every inch of space to make your property more energy efficient.

> Foam insulation
> Spray foam installation
> Attic insulation
> Crawl space insulation
> Wall insulation
> Basement insulation
> Energy efficient insulation

Our spray foam technologies provide a direct solution to present issues, and also a new and far better option to prevent future issues. Whether your project is large or small, our technicians are dedicated to professionalism and quality with a strong focus on detail.

Benefits that you may found

> Stops air and moisture infiltration
> Keeps dust and pollen out
> Mold/moisture resistant
> Pest resistant
> Fewer allergies.
> Tax incentives & rebates
> Higher resale value
> Makes your home more comfortable

Insulation is an investment, and we are here to help you make a decision that is right for you, your budget and your space. We offer many insulation options including both open and closed cell foam, traditional fiberglass batts and rolls as well as fiberglass or cellulose blow-in insulation. Give us a call today, so we can help you decide on the best products for your needs!

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Insulate & upgrade the comfort of your home with spray foam insulation

> Save on your energy bills
> The perfect tools for the job
> New home construction
> Get your home to work for you

With a complete line of the highest quality products available, our insulation contractors team has combined with years of experience with tried, tested and approved products that perform well. We have partnered with some of the most prominent manufacturers in the world to ensure our customers have the most reliable and appropriate solutions for their residential insulation needs.

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How Much Does Insulation Cost Per Square Foot

Category : Insulation

This is more common in new construction applications where insulation has never been installed. For retrofit applications, the existing insulation would have to be removed prior to applying any foam. If you’re doing a major home renovation project or have had fire or water damage in your attic, now may be the perfect time to air seal the entire space. Get free estimates for how much does insulation cost per square foot.

Attics are one of the best places to insulate in a home. With today’s technology, it is possible to add layers to your attic’s current insulation in a neat and cost-effective manner. Attic insulation is also one of the best ways to enhance the energy efficiency of your home, improving your overall comfort level and reducing monthly bills. If you have any query and any question regarding to insulation process then home insulation contractors are here to help you.

How Much Does Insulation Cost Per Square Foot

Before installing insulation, all of our blown in insulation pricing expert crews follow these essential steps to ensure proper attic insulation installation:

Seal all attic air leaks

  • Use a tightly constructed box to cover duct exhaust fan housing on the attic side. We also seal around the duct where it exits the box and seal the perimeter of the box to the drywall on the attic side.
  • Cover openings (such as dropped ceilings, soffits and bulkheads) into the attic area with plywood and seal to the attic side of the ceiling.
  • Seal around chimney and framing with a high-temperature caulk or furnace cement.
  • At the tops of interior walls, use long-life caulk to seal the smaller gaps and holes and expanding foam or strips of rigid foam board insulation for the larger gaps.
  • Make sure insulation doesn’t block soffit vents to allow for proper attic ventilation.
  • Check the attic ceiling for water stains or marks, which indicate roof leaks or lack of ventilation.
  • Insulate and air seal your attic access if it’s located in a conditioned part of the house.
  • Properly insulate and air seal any knee walls or vertical walls with attic space directly behind them.

The attic is a dark and dingy place where you can find some of the largest opportunities to reduce your overall heating and cooling costs; air sealing your attic with spray foam insulation before you install loose fill fiberglass attic insulation, can help stop most major air leaks and will help maintain the desired temperature throughout your home. This causes your heating & cooling system to work less which saves you money. Combined with adequate amounts of attic insulation, air sealing attic insulation companies professionals will help to reduce your energy costs and make your home more comfortable.

The attic insulation that we install helps:

* Maximize energy efficiency and reduce your energy bills
* Make your home a more comfortable space
* Improve the efficiency of your air conditioner
* Reduce noises on different levels inside (especially useful if your attic is used as a living space)
* Contribute to a healthier environment inside your home

Our premium air sealing package has been designed for customers who really want to maximize their energy savings. It takes the air sealing process even further by installing a layer of spray foam insulation to the entire attic floor. Attic insulation cost per square foot with a water resistant, air tight seal between your attic and the conditioned living space.

Attic insulation is highly efficient way to keep energy costs low in your home and protect treasured items that are stored away in your space. Installing attic insulation isn’t an easy task to navigate, but with our attic insulation installers team you can have an upgraded attic that works for you on many levels in no time. Get best offer values for blown in insulation cost per square foot.

How Much Does Insulation Cost Per Square Foot 

  • Cellulose Insulation – loose fill
  • Cellulose Insulation – Stabilized Insulation
  • Fiberglass and mineral wool Insulation- loose fill
  • Fiberglass and mineral wool insulation- batts
  • Expanded Polystyrene or Phenolic foam insulation- rigid boards
  • Cellular Foam Insulation – sheets of Butyl and Nitrile rubber foam etc.

Proper attic insulation keeps heat from escaping out of your attic and roof (since heat rises, one way or another). This properly insulated attic helps you save money on energy bills, and also preserves your roof life, since extreme temperature swings will degrade your shingles and underpayment. Get free estimates for how much does insulation cost per square foot.

For houses, attic insulation helps to keep your home warmer in the wintertime and cooler in the summertime. This will only be done with proper insulation at your attic. The attic is the perfect place for insulation since it’s on the upper part of the house and mostly it is the only place where air and heat enters and travels from one room to another room inside your home.

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Whenever you use your heater at home, the warm air will always be diffused to every space possible. Warm air may also escape through your attic, and when this happens, the heater has to work harder to try to warm up a room. By insulating your attic even with only eighteen inch thick of cellulose, you can reduce heat loss in very significant amounts. For more information you can approach attic insulation installers.

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Home Insulation Cost Calculator

Category : Insulation

Roofing insulation is important in every house especially in areas with long hot climate season. This is important in reducing heat and moist build up in the roofing and the attic which can eventually lead to faster degradation of your house. If you are concerned about the attic insulation cost then you must be more concerned about the possible colossal costs that you are going to spend on repairs in the event of damaged roofing as a result of massive moist and heat build up. Check out home insulation cost calculator for proper cost estimates.

What you need:

>. Tape measure
>. Pen & paper
>. Calculator

Aside from that, having fully insulated attic roofing can also give you huge savings in energy costs especially if it is used as rooms that are regularly occupied. In this case, it is imperative to install proper insulation on the attic roof. This is important considering that the space between the ceiling and the roof is usually not sufficient enough to allow proper airflow that can effectively minimize intense heat from entering the room.

Home Insulation Cost Calculator

In most cases, it is better to make initial investment on the attic insulation cost because this is usually more cost-effective in the end. Aside from that, it offers utmost comfort to the attic room occupants on top of getting huge savings on energy bills.

When calculating for the cost of the attic insulation, there are several factors that must be considered in order to arrive at more precise calculation. Firstly, you need to identity the R factor or the R value in your locality. This is a fixed data determined and set by the energy regulation body in your area.

Calculating the size of your house with Home Insulation Cost Calculator

  •  Measure the outside walls of the house.
  •  Sketch and mark the measurements on the paper as you go.
  •  Measure all the entrance ways and areas not to be insulated.

Take note that this factor can vary from one region to another. The figure is largely affected by the type of climate in your area. Colder climate has higher R value, while hot climate areas usually have lower value. This value tells you if the insulation is sufficient enough to provide comfort when occupying the place. Higher value means that the insulation works in minimizing heat build up. Meanwhile lower value means that you need to have insulation in order to reduce heat. For this reason, it is suggested to ask for the standard figure that is applied in your place.

Aside from identifying the R value, you must also calculate for the total area that needs to be insulated. This is important in getting the projected cost of insulating the entire attic. Moreover, you must further decide on the kind of insulating materials that you want to use. There are several types for you to choose from; such as blanket batts and rolls, foam board, loose-fill, reflective system, and structural insulating panels among many others.

Each type has different price, and they also have different styles with unique quality. Keep in mind that some of these types are not best for roofing but ideal for walls. That is why you need select the right type of insulating materials that fit well to your planned use and budget. In conclusion, in order to compute for the attic insulation cost, there is no definite amount because it is dependent on several factors as mentioned herein. Locate home insulation cost calculator that gives you proper estimate for home insulation.

Insulation Calculator – how much ceiling insulation do you need?

  • Once completed, divide the different sections into blocks use a calculator to multiply the different lengths of each of the boxes to find the square meter size of all the boxes.
  •  Add all the boxes together. This is the size of your house.
  • Measure the distance between the joists as to know which width of insulation to order

As stated before there are several factors that need to be considered to calculate whether the insulation is worth it. The cost is one which is highly sorted after and requires full dissection before giving an answer. When calculating the cost of an insulation we need to understand that it isn’t just the initial purchase and instalment that we are evaluating. Sounds like a bunch of riddles. Let’s get straight into it. These costs involve the installation quote and the cost efficiency of the installation. Cost efficiency such as how often you will need to renew the insulation, as well as, how much money you can save on energy bills.

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Precision Estimating is a consulting firm specializing in construction estimating services and construction takeoff services. We strive to add maximum value to design professionals, builders, and government agencies. Our extensive experience, outstanding customer service, and clear, concise reporting help our clients turn their dreams into reality. In addition to Spray Foam, we also install Blown Loose Fill, Batt, and Blown In Blanket System insulation. Once you understand your general costs, and what type of insulation meets your overall needs, give us a call; we’ll provide you a firm estimate and schedule our services.

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Types Of Attic Insulation

Category : Insulation

In building a home, you must plan it very well and everything should be done according to the home owners comfort. One thing you must plan of is having an Attic Insulation. Attic Insulation is an act of protecting something by surrounding it with material that reduces or prevents the transmission of sound or heat or electricity. Check out types of attic insulation for proper installtion.

Insulation can be also on electricity insulation and other things. For houses, attic insulation helps to keep your home warmer in the wintertime and cooler in the summertime. This will only be done with proper insulation at your attic. The attic is the perfect place for insulation since it’s on the upper part of the house and mostly it is the only place where air and heat enters and travels from one room to another room inside your home.

Types Of Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation helps you save money into many ways. If you studied well on science, you will learn that with the proper air ventilation and insulation you will save energy and if you save energy there is a possibility you can save money in paying your bills. We can do something to control the airs, heats, and electricity at our own home with the help of insulation. But, we must only hire individuals or companies with proper training and licensed in doing such process for safety and right materials to be used. There should be a case-study being done to your home before starting on attic insulation.

Attic Insulation can be made from different types and listed below are some types of attic insulation you must consider in doing Attic Insulation:

1. Fiberglass Insulation –

Fiberglass is the most traditional kind of material being used for insulation. It is considered as man-made, chemical free, and fire-resistant. Fiberglass life span is 35 years which means the home owners can only install it once of their ownership, also it depends on what the owner wants.

Fiberglass is cost-effective but also has certain bad effects when not properly done. It can cause some respiratory problems if there are issues in previous insulation, it can cause you nosebleed and other respiratory problems. The Insulation using a fiberglass must be taken seriously and should be done accordingly to its proper manner.

2. Cellulose Insulation –

Cellulose Insulation is cheaper than other materials. It is economically proven compare to other products. It is said to be highly effective and less costly. Additionally, it is said to be a loose insulating fill. Flame-retardant chemicals are added to it for safety.

3. Foam Insulation –

Foam is another type you can use for insulation. It is a loose insulating fill. It’s flame retardant chemical. It is now commonly used in attic insulation.

Keeping a comfortable climate in the home year-round is one of the most important challenges many home owners face, and it can sometimes feel like a losing battle, particularly during the winter months. As the temperature dips uncomfortably low or soars to the top of the thermometer, a comfortable home becomes not only a luxury, but a necessity for the health and safety of your family.

Types Of Attic Insulation

A poorly insulated home is often to blame for cold drafts, unwelcome blasts of heat, and heating and cooling bills that can rapidly spiral out of control when the thermometer is stretched to its limits. While few home owners pay attention to the attic during these times, improper attic insulation is actually adding many degrees of uncomfortable air to your home, as well as thousands of dollars each year to your electric and gas bills.

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When hiring a contractor to handle your attic insulation, it’s important not to expect that it’s a process that will be completed overnight. First, the contractor will evaluate your home, keeping an eye out for spaces where the building is losing energy, ideally coming up with a viable plan for making your living space a more energy-efficient one. Locate different types of attic insulation when statrting attic insulation installtion.

This will often involve re-insulating your attic area, since many homes suffer from inadequate insulation simply because the wrong type of insulation for your home was used when the home was constructed. Not all types of attic insulation are the same, and some are more suitable for one particular home than others. Having your attic evaluated by a professional will pinpoint the reason your attic space is not energy-efficient, and disturbing the balance in your home’s climate.

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St. Louis Park – Insulation Upgrade

Category : Insulation

Are you looking to upgrade your home’s insulation st. Louis park and live in St. Louis Park, Minnesota? This is the time to have your local insulation contractor install insulation to help make your home cozier and energy efficient! St. Louis Park has a great program set up to help with your energy efficiency rebates.

St. Louis Park matches 50 percent of utility rebates for energy efficient furnaces, water heaters and air conditioners, in addition to air sealing and insulation. After your insulation upgrade you will receive a utility rebate. Mail the utility rebate check within one year to  insulation near me St. Louis Park Community Development Department and they will send a rebate check back to you.

Insulation St. Louis Park

Insulation St. Louis Park

Mailing Address:

City of St. Louis Park

Community Development Department

5005 Minnetonka Blvd.

St. Louis Park, MN 55416

Upgrading insulation services near me, ventilation, and air sealing can make your home more energy efficient and comfortable year-round. Having your insulation installed by a certified contractor is a must. Affordable Insulation is a BPI (Building Performance Institute) Certified Installer. In addition, we are a preferred contractor of CenterPoint Energy, Xcel Energy, Minnesota Energy Resources, and Owens Corning. We work with your energy provider to help qualify you for rebates. It’s that easy with building insulation!

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Affordable Insulation can help make your home energy insulation upgrade an easy and smooth process. We are an authorized insulation contractor that serves St. Louis Park and the Twin Cities metro area in Minnesota. Our trained and experienced insulation professionals can perform an inspection to determine your current levels of insulation and decide what insulation is best for the space. Contact us today to schedule a FREE inspection and estimate!




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How Can Spray Foam Insulation Improve Your Home?

Category : Insulation

There is a plethora of spray foam sellers and manufacturers available in the market; everyone claiming that they use polyurethane foam as their primary insulator for insulation purpose no matter if it is about the residential or commercial properties because polyurethane foam can reduce costs of cooling and heating by almost half. Well, that is completely true but spray foam insulation St. Paul experts suggest that actual savings are dependent upon lots of factors, unique to each and every application that is available in the market that we could not guess with accuracy. However, what we do and we should know is that spray foam insulation has an R-factor of 6.7 in every single inch of foam that is cured. That is an undeniable fact, regardless of the application.

Spray foam insulation St. Paulexperts suggest that spray foam insulation can be used effectively in numerous applications other than attics and walls. For instance, the insulating, sound deadening, soundproofing, sealing, moisture resistance, rodent and insect resistant; these are few of many qualities where polyurethane foam is beneficial. Despite spraying between wall studs and attics, think about insulating the rim joist. Because by doing that those interior cavities will be protected better from hot/cold air penetration and invasions of critters.

Spray Foam Insulation St. Paul

Spray Foam Insulation St. Paul

Crawlspaces are extraordinary places for using Spray foam insulation near me St. Paul; insects are kept out, moisture can’t build up, drafts are blocked and more. Now, what do you say about the homes that have anolder construction in which water pipes are fixed on the outside and at great risk for freezing in the cold? Think about the advantages of insulating them with help of spray foam. Residential/commercial applications will get major advantages from this application except for extreme temperature conditions and tips for best attic insulation.

In large renovations and new construction, there is usually a requirement and that is to fill holes in order to improve structural integrity, insulating HVAC components sealing up air pockets as well as smoothing out rough cavities. Polyurethane foam or spray foam is an ideal solution for such needs, according to best spray foam insulation St. Paul experts. It reaches smallest hollow cavities and expands until there is no place to go. Many residential and commercial buildings previously used such form insulation for a long lasting safety for different reasons.

As per spray foam insulation St. Paulexperts, one of the most notable qualities of spray foam insulation is its ability to repel the effects of moisture, and in turn prevent the most common problem, mold, and mildew which can be a nightmare for homeowners. According to spray foam insulation St. Paulexperts, maintaining a more consistent temperature in your attic space can help prevent moisture build-up.

Now let us look into a more innovative avenue. You may have visited many theme parks and museums, few times with friends and few times with your family but have you ever noticed that the rock walls and large fake boulders? Some are made from spray foam insulation. What about a haunted house that you dare your friends to go into at an amusement park? Lots of oddities and goblins inside are perhaps sculpted with help of spray foam insulation. The same can also be done in order to elaborate stage sets for film and theatrical productions. The builder usually constructs the base from different material such as wood, metal or hard plastic sheets and after that, they cover it with cable or anything the spray foam can stick to; and then spray the foam on it until there is an appropriate amount of thickness. Then the artists can use that foamy material to carve, sand, and also to cut that foam until the targeted texture and shape is accomplished.

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In this article, you have found a lot of usages where spray foam insulationcan be used such as ordinary construction usage of spray foam insulation, the sound deadening uses, the recreational uses, the resistance, filling voids, the HVAC, and even interesting facts about theatrical uses. If you are still looking for more information about how and where you can use spray foam insulation for your benefits, you can get expert assistance from spray foam insulation St. Paul experts.

Find out more here to know in detail aboutSt. Louis Park  Insulation Upgrade.

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Spray Foam Insulation St. Louis Park – Pros and Cons

Category : Insulation

Spray foam – also called Spray Polyurethane Foam –is a plastic material that is used for insulation of gaps, cracks, reducing energy bills, increasing energy efficiency and comfort level of a house or building. Spray foam insulation St. Louis Park is popular because it helps in resisting heat transfer in a highly effective manner. It further reduces infiltration of unwanted air via seams, joints, and cracks. It creates a thermal protection and downsizes costs of HVAC systems. Spray foam insulation comes with its own set of pros and cons, like any other insulating product.

Spray Foam Insulation St. Louis Park – Pros and Cons

Spray Foam Insulation St. Louis Park

Spray Foam Insulation St. Louis Park


  • Reduction of moisture and air infiltration, causing a consistent temperature level.
  • Reduction of energy operating expenses by up to 30% to 50% annually.
  • Reduction of pollen and dust infiltration.
  • Reduction of noise.
  • Reduction of ice dams.
  • Reduction of mold growth.
  • Reduction of HVAC capacity needs.
  • Stabilized R-value.
  • Delivers high-performance level.


  • It is difficult to install on your own – hire an insulation professional for this project!
  • Higher upfront cost.
  • Longer installation process.
  • 2 to 4 years payback period.

Spray foam insulation near me St. Louis Park is one of the most convenient and feasible option to cut down on energy expenses and maintain the temperature in both summers and winters. It is an ideal source of investment for both commercial and residential properties of building insulation materials.

Types of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam insulation is made combining liquid chemical components that react to form a foam. The reaction is very quick. The foam expands immediately, when in contact with the specific surface or area.

There are three types of spray foam insulating products –

  1. Low density – Low density is an open-cell foam of 0.5 lbs./cubic ft. it is used for filling up interior wall cavities and attics that are not vented.
  2. Medium density – Medium density spray foam insulation is a closed-cell foam of 2 lbs./cubic ft. And it is used for the insulation of wall cavities at a continuous process.
  3. High density – high-density spray foam insulation is a closed-cell foam of 3 lbs./cubic ft. and it is used for roofing and exterior surface insulation.

Low-Density Spray Foam Insulation

Low density or open-cell spray foam insulation delivers a continuous insulating and air sealing protection. Low-density spray foam insulation St. Louis Park is also known as half a pound foam because of its weight. The open cell structure of the foam provides flexibility to the hardened component. The application is done in either high or low pressure, polyurethane two-component spray foam. You can use the low-density spray foam for insulating walls, ducts, unvented attics, crawl spaces, and ceilings.

Medium Density Spray Foam Insulation

The medium density spray foam insulation near you St. Louis Park is also applied as two-component, high or low-pressure polyurethane spray foam. It provides benefits based on the building structure and climate conditions. It is also used for the continuous process of insulation of the unvented attics, interior wall cavities, etc. But it is a closed cell spray foam and is best for acquiring higher R-value. Medium density spray foam insulation aids in the reduction of noise level acts as a water, vapor and air barrier and offers high bond and high strength to the structures.

High-Density Spray Foam Insulation

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High-density spray foam insulation St. Louis Park is the most preferred type of spray foam insulation among builders because it is ideal for structures that require high insulating strength and values. The high-density spray foam insulation comes with a denser structure that the low and medium density spray foam insulation. As a result, it’s expansion level is not higher than low and medium density spray foam insulation. along with this, high-density spray foam also requires additional materials for insulating and covering the structures. High-density spray foam is ideal for exterior and roofing insulation. And it is only because of its monolithic and seamless components.

For a free insulation upgrade quote, call us today!

Keep on reading to know in detail about How Can Spray Foam Insulation Improve Your Home.

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Residential Insulation – Today’s Necessity to Lower Utility Bills

Category : Insulation

In order to enjoy maximum benefits from your insulation system, you need to make sure it is properly designed and professionally installed. According to residential insulation St. Paul experts, the part or region of a country you are residing in isone of the main factors that will help you determine which insulation method and material is ideal for your home.

Installing quality insulation material is important to control your heating and cooling expenses. Insulation serves a primary purpose in a home and that is to control the cold air leakage in the summer or heat in the winter seeping out so that you can have a cozy environment all through the year. If your house is not insulated properly, consumption of HVAC units will become a continuous problem to you by having to pay for high energy bills. Professional companies such as Residential insulation near me St. Paul have been working very hard to come up with new cost-effective ideas that can provide you exceptional insulation services in a more affordable way.

Residential Insulation St. Paul

Residential Insulation St. Paul

Federal and State governments are offering tax credits and major rebates to insist owners to insulate their residential or commercial building and cut down on their electric and gas use. For those of you who do not know, air leakage is the primary and leading source of energy waste in numerous residential and commercial structures. Providing extra insulation where required makes walls, ceilings and floors warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This can help cut down on gas and electric usage. If you are like the majority of homeowners who are feed up of payinghuge monthly bills, residential insulation near me St. Paulexperts can help you choose a course of action which can help you save money over a period of time.

If you are a type of person who prefers to pay an additional amount but get the work done by professionals, there is no other viable option for but to go for Residential insulation St. Paul, especially if you live in St. Paul. You can consider using DIY techniques and method to do the work yourself but it is certain that it would have no match with the work that would have done by an experienced individual or a professional company. However, if you are planning to do it yourself, you can reach out to your local building department and ask them to provide you some basic information about the available insulation code and guidelines so that you can choose the one that would be the best fit for your thermal insulation needs. Few common and reliable methods for insulating your home are:

  • Batt Insulation
  • Blown Insulation
  • Sprayed Insulation
  • Rigid Insulation
  • Loose Poured Insulation

Blown insulation is used exclusively for the attic space without the limitation of new or existing homes as its easy, quick and affordable. This technique has been proven to be the smart choice when you need to fill a huge number of voids because blown insulation offered by residential insulation St. Paulexperts can effectively fill the voids as compared to Batt insulation or Sprayed insulation and it is also very easy to apply over any existing insulation, especially in older homes. Blown insulation is also being used in older residences which have no or very old insulation. Roll or Blanket type insulation is normally applied in construction that is newer before drywall is installed.

Latest construction techniques comprise using a sprayed insulation on different areas of a house other than the walls before the installation of drywall because this technique has proven to be an extremelyeffective one, residential insulation near you St. Paul experts agree. However, Sprayed and Rigid insulation can be used in different applications that are of below grade in order to provide a dry, warm, and soundproof environment. You can reach out to residential insulation St. Paulexpert for their proficient advice or you can contact your current contractor. It is important to have an expert determine what insulation option is best for your property. This will ensure the insulation methods used will create an efficient and reliable result for your residential or commercial property.

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So, whether you are building a new home, or rehabbing an older home, the first thing residential insulation St. Paulexperts will tell you is to take a close look into using insulation techniques to control the environment of your house. Insulation, no matter which one you choose, presents countless benefits and has no negative thing about it at all. Technological advancement in insulation industry has made insulation affordable and practical for everyone to use. And as people are getting to know the advantages of insulation they are turning to this viable solution without second thoughts.

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Residential Insulation St. Louis Park – Everything You Need To Know Before Starting the Process

Category : Insulation

When it comes to residential insulation St. Louis Park, most homeowners are unaware of what is behind, below and above their walls, ceilings and floors. Getting the house insulated perfectly is vital for ensuring a higher level of comfort and security. Insulation keeps the home cool during summer and warm during the winters. In Minnesota we experience both seasons so we know how important it is to have a comfortable house. Apart from this, insulation also aids in the lowering of utility bills, controlling the noise level and preventing mold growth.

Residential insulation – Why it is important?

Residential Insulation St. Louis Park

Residential Insulation St. Louis Park

Residential insulation near me St. Louis Park is important because – as mentioned above – it helps in preventing the entry of outdoor air and escape of indoor air. Insulation provides trapping air pockets that slow down the air entry and escape process.

  • Insulation helps reducing your energy costs.
  • Insulation lowers the retention of conditioned air, especially on cooling and heating systems – which further lowers the operating expenses and heightens system’s durability level.
  • A perfectly insulated house or building is incapable of losing or gaining heat. As a result, a comfortable temperature level is maintained in and around the property.

Which parts of a house or residential building are important to insulate?

  • Exterior walls
  • Attic
  • Garage
  • Crawlspace

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Residential insulation metrics and its various types

Residential insulation St. Louis Park is based on the metrics of resistance. It is also called an R-value. Insulation will prove to be effective if the R-value is high. Residential insulation comes in different variants of insulator.

  1. Mineral fiber – Mineral fiber, or batts, is highly effective and convenient to work with. Mineral fiber insulation is readily available at most home improvement stores. The R-value of mineral fiber residential insulation St. Louis Park is low – 2.8 to 3.7 per inch – but it offers many benefits – from ensuring perfect soundproofing to adequate fire resistance. If you are opting for a mineral fiber insulation, make sure to hire a professional to install the same.
  2. Fiberglass –Fiberglass in batts, like, mineral fiber is also available in home improvement and construction stores. It is super easy to install and provides 3.0 – 3.7 per inch R-value. You can opt for loose-fill fiberglass insulation but you need to blow into the crevices and cavities for insulation.
  3. Rigid foam – Rigid foam is available in extruded polystyrene or expanded polystyrene foam. It is used for insulating the exterior line of basement walls, basement slabs and under the siding of a house. The extruded polystyrene provides 4.5 – 5.0 per inch R-value. And you can install it in moisture-laden regions. Rigid foam provides vapor protection.
  4. Cellulose – The next common type of residential insulation near you St. Louis Park is cellulose insulation. It is a loose-fill component and is used in attics most commonly. It is denser that mineral fiber and fiberglass.
  5. Spray foam – Spray foam is the most popular residential insulation product. It is available in the form of high density closed cell polyurethane and open cell polyurethane that is of low density. The closed cell version is ideal for exterior walls and attic insulation and comes with 5.5 – 6.0 per inch R-value.

Hiring an insulation professional for your insulation installation is important to ensure the install is done correctly and efficiently.

What is insulation R-value?

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How a material is able to resist heat conduction is what determines its R-value. It is a basic measurement of the same. If a material offers a higher R-value then it will deliver the best insulating performance. The values and metrics are based on the material’s thickness.

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