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Affordable Insulation can help lower your utility bills, make your home more comfortable, and help you get a rebate from your energy company. We are a rebate eligible installer for Centerpoint, Xcel Energy, and MN Energy Resources.

CenterPoint Energy offers rebates for residential air sealing and insulation upgrades. See below for details on rebate eligibility:

Air sealing only – 30% of costs, $300 maximum
Attic air sealing + qualifying attic insulation – 30% of costs, $500 maximum
Attic insulation only – No rebate available
Qualifying wall insulation – 30% of costs, $300 maximum

rebate eligible installer

MN Energy Resources also provides rebates if you upgrade your air sealing and insulation in your home completed by an Authorized Insulation Contractor. The rebates provided by Minnesota Energy Resources help customers with natural gas heating improve the sealing and insulation in an existing home. New homes built within the last two years and homes that participated in the Home Energy Excellence program are not eligible. See below for rebate eligibility:

Air sealing only – $300 rebate
Air sealing + attic insulation – $650 rebate
Sidewall insulation – $425 rebate
Foundation insulation/rim joist – $425 rebate
Rim joist insulation only – $125 rebate
Floor above unconditioned space – $200

rebate eligible installer

Xcel Energy provides rebates and you are eligible if you’re a Minnesota residential customer living in an existing single-family home or in a multi-unit home up to four units. The insulation must be professionally installed by a BPI Certified Contractor. The primary heating fuel is supplied by Xcel Energy. Details of the rebate eligibility:

-Attic insulation and bypass sealing where existing insulation:
-Must have a pre R-value of 20 or less and
-Must have a post R-value of 44 or greater
-If existing is R-21 or greater, must add at least R-25 of additional insulation
-Wall insulation
-Must have empty wall cavity
-Must have post R-value of 12 or more
-Air sealing and weather stripping

Xcel Energy Benefits of Rebates:
-Rebates equal to 20% of the total cost of the insulation and installation up to a maximum rebate of $300 for qualifying insulation projects
-Monthly energy savings on heating and cooling costs
-Improved comfort in your home during cooling or heating season

rebate eligible installer

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