Attic Insulation Contractor For Hire

Aug 23, 2017

If you’ve been debating about hiring an attic insulation contractor for hire, let the arguments end. If you have high energy costs, drafts in your home, and are dissatisfied with your current insulating materials (if they exist), this is one of the best investments you can make in your house. Wait no longer, and read the reasons why hiring someone to come out and start laying it down in your attic could be the wisest choice.

Energy Savings

The main reason many homeowners choose to hire an insulation contractor is for the potential energy savings. While you should get an evaluation by an expert to determine how much you can save by insulating properly, chances are slim that you can’t improve your electric bills substantially. If you run the air conditioner (or heater), you could be losing tons of your processed air to the atmosphere. Making sure you have sealed windows and doors goes a long way, but it can only do so much. Without good insulating materials in your attic, you are almost certainly wasting money.

Attic Insulation Contractor For Hire

Attic Insulation Contractor For Hire

Many homeowners believe that since there is insulation in their attics, they are energy efficient. This isn’t always true. The amount and type of insulation in the attic, as well as the age and condition, has a significant impact on how energy efficient the home is. When it comes to losing warm air in the winter, the attic is the source of the majority of escaped energy.

When main living areas of the home are kept warm in the wintertime through the home’s heating system, the warm air eventually rises through the ceiling to the floor above, into the attic space. Depending on what type of insulation is available in the attic, the warm air will continue rising, right on through the roof and out of the house altogether. Effective insulation traps the air and prevents it from quickly filtering through the attic. Although it eventually leaves, the longer warm air stays in the home, the less zealously the heating system has to work to keep living spaces warm and comfortable. Using affordable attic insulation contractor for hire can prevent structural damage and save homeowners money on energy bills.


There are two main types of insulation installation; blown-in and batting. Batting comes on a roll and is cut to fit the space. It resembles sheets when it’s installed. Any gaps left in between the batts allow warm air to rise more quickly and escape. Blown-in insulation covers all flat and gently sloped surfaces, like the floor. It is easier to use blown-in insulative materials to cover up crevices and awkwardly designed areas that aren’t square. Depending on the type and amount used, the material can have


Proper ventilation is critical in home attics to prevent the build-up of moisture and gases, which can prevent mold, mildew and poor air quality. Homeowners should have a professional do the insulation installation. This should include the proper ventilating chutes in the rafter spaces and fans to circulate the air, removing excess moisture during the wintertime and excess heat during the summertime.


There are guidelines in place by the federal government which designate the type and amount of attic insulation necessary for adequate protection and heat exchange. Quality professional contractors can help guide their customers through the recommendations, which translate into energy and money saved.

Adding On

Over time, insulation will eventually settle and can even become compact, which means it no longer offers adequate protection. There are basically two ways to remedy this problem; replace it or add more.

Adding more is less expensive, but only advisable with certain types. Homeowners should keep in mind; however, that just because insulative materials are dirty doesn’t make them ineffective; just ugly. If an ugly surface it becomes an issue for the homeowners, a fresh layer of blown-in cellulose or fiberglass overtop will make it look nicer and provide added protection. Replacing the old insulative material is typically advisable if there is a heavy mold problem, fire damage or serious air quality issues. This is more expensive than adding on, but is sometimes necessary.

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One of the hidden benefits an insulation contractor can provide is protection against excess moisture. If you’re not sure why this should matter, you haven’t seen a mold infestation. Mold growth is not only bad for your air quality, but it can also take a toll on the structure itself. If you try to sell your house and a home inspector finds mold, you’re not going to have much luck with savvy buyers. Moisture in and of itself can cause myriad problems, even if it doesn’t lead to mold growth.


While there’s nothing wrong with tackling simple home improvement repairs and upgrades on your own, putting in insulating materials is usually something best left to the professionals. If you want the job done right, call an attic insulation contractor for hire to come out to your home and show you what he has to offer. You may be pleased with the results you get from making a change.

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