Attic Insulation Minneapolis

Sep 11, 2017

Top Reasons To Get Attic Insulation Done: Attic Insulation Minneapolis

The attic is one of the primary parts of the house in helping with energy efficiency. It becomes the hottest zone during summers and coldest during the winters. Attic insulation Minneapolis can help in reducing at least 80% of heat loss via the attic. Most attic insulation contractor minneapolis and homeowners opt to insulate their attics for numerous reasons. However, the important ones being energy and cost savings. Without attic insulation, you might incur higher monthly utility expenses. It is the same for poorly insulated attics. Homeowners – with poor or non-insulated attics – tend to get higher utility bills because of heat and air easily escape from the attic in the home.

Areas in an attic where heat loss takes place:

  • Attic floor
  • Roof
  • Attic access
  • Air vents
  • Poor insulation in plumbing and hot water tanks
  • Poorly built cold/hot air distributing ducts

Attic insulation Minneapolis

Which is the best technique and product for insulating an attic?

Fiberglass insulation

When it comes to attic insulation Minneapolis – fiberglass is the most common of all insulation options. However, it is important to take all the necessary precautionary actions when using fiberglass insulation. Make sure to wear the required protective gear – like – gloves, protective eyewear, etc. It is important to gear up with these protective elements because fiberglass can cause skin irritation. The R-value of fiberglass insulation is 3.2 / inch.

Blanket and batt insulation

Blanket and batt insulation is another preferred and common form of attic insulation Minneapolis. It includes large insulating rolls that are used after cutting into desired shape and sizes. The thickness ranges between 1 and 3 inches and used for insulating not only attics but also walls.

Cotton insulation

Cotton insulation is easy to use. However, it is one of the most expensive insulation products. The R-value of cotton insulation is 3.7.

Rockwool insulation

Another commonly used attic insulation Minneapolis – Rockwool insulation is more efficient than fiberglass insulation. However, when Rockwool is prone to mold growth. It is best for a dry environment. The R-value of Rockwool insulation is 4.5.

Attic Insulation Minneapolis

Loose fill cellulose insulation

Loose fill cellulose insulation’s R-value is 3.7. It is expensive, heavy and not ideal for attic application.

Loose fill insulation

Loose fill insulation is comprised of numerous small granules that are blown in attic area with the help of a blower. It is not easy to use loose fill insulation. However, it is inexpensive compared to the others.

Spray foam insulation

Spray foam insulation is the most preferred and ideal attic insulation Minneapolis. It is not only easy to apply but also provides longevity to the attic area. The R-value of spray foam is between 4 and 7.

Loose fill fiberglass insulation

This type of attic insulation is cheap and lightweight. It comes with a sustainable R-value of 2.4 / inch. It is a workable deal for attics situated in warm climatic conditions.

How much attic insulation should you use?

The amount of attic insulation Minneapolis that you should make use of – depends on the location of your property. It is a daunting task to have a higher level of insulation in attics. You can utilize a hybrid method of making use of different types of attic insulation products and techniques – which will help in boosting your savings, efforts and insulation performance.

Attic Insulation Minneapolis

What are the benefits of insulating an attic?

There is more than one benefit of attic insulation Minneapolis. However, we are going to share the most important ones today. Insulating an attic comes with the following advantages:

  1. Increases the space in an attic – Insulating an attic will help in increasing space, which you can use for storage. Perfect insulation aids in the elimination of uncomfortable presence of temperature in the area. You neither have to feel the excruciating or extreme cold during the winters or sweltering heat during the summers.
  2. Increase your savings – Another benefit of insulating your attic is that you can save on your monthly energy bills. Attic insulation Minneapolis helps in the stabilization of temperate not only in the attic area but other parts of the house too. As a result, energy loss is prevented, as well as, the irrelevant escape of cool air. It also heightens the performance level of the HVAC system.
  3. Green home environment – Attic insulation increases sustainable living. With proper insulation, you can control carbon emission altogether. Insulating an attic enhances the performance and efficiency of the HVAC system, which in return lowers the output of carbon dioxide.

Attic insulation Minneapolis aids in the resistance of heat transfer between every part of your attic overhead and home area. It transfers heat in a natural manner from a warm to cool region. Insulating an attic also extends the life or durability of furnaces, air conditioners, and similar systems. And it is possible because the heating and cooling load gets regulated and reduced because of attic insulation.

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