Attic Insulation Near Me

Sep 07, 2017

Why So Many Homeowners Overlook the Importance of Attic Insulation

Attic insulation near me is one of the best investments a homeowner can make. Heat naturally rises which means that it is obviously going to pass through any second level of a home and out the attic. If you boost the quality and efficiency of your attic insulation, you can force that heat back into the home.

Increasing attic insulation (depending on if there is any to begin with) will create a more comfortable house because it pushes this air back into where it was originally intended to go in the first place. This is especially beneficial in the winter when warm air rises – but also in the summer. Cold air naturally gravitates to warmer spots. One of the hottest rooms in your house is the attic. Proper insulation will create a barrier between the attic and the rest of the house so that cooled air stays in the house.

Attic Insulation Near Me

Beyond comfort however, improving attic insulation near me will help lower utility bills. With increased attic efficiency, you are able to operate the air conditioner or furnace at lower temperatures because more of the air is retained. Lower temperatures decrease cycle times which therefore keeps your energy bills lower.

Having your air conditioner run less also has the added advantage of increasing its life span. Without proper insulation, your HVAC system cycles dozens of times a day. Eventually all this operation will wear down the moveable parts. Eventually other components will overcompensate for the failing ones and suddenly you’re facing thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

So Why Do Homeowners Ignore the Importance of Attic Insulation?

One of the major reasons that homeowners allow inefficient attic insulation to persist for literally dozens of years is because they simply don’t know any difference. Not every homeowner has access to their attic – or has the guts to go up and purvey the situation. One service that we offer is a home energy audit where our experts can inspect your attic, as well as wall cavities, basement crawlspaces, etc. to make sure the current insulation is sufficient. Together we can devise an acceptable plan to help with the improvement of attic insulation near me.

Not only do homeowners allow poor attic insulation minneapolis  due to a lack of access, they may not have experienced any other comfort level in their home. Sometimes attic insulation degrades but usually it’s a lack of adequate insulation in the first place that causes hot or cold homes.

Attic Insulation Near Me

Another area where homeowner knowledge is lacking when it comes to attic insulation near me is with their utility bills. Sure, everybody knows that power companies will raise their rates on a whim with next to nothing that a consumer can do. Did you know that you can proactively lower your rates though? Home renovation projects such as insulating an attic carry with it a huge return on investment. This is not only because your home becomes more valuable when it’s time to sell, but also because you’ll lower your monthly overhead in the mean time. This is why people also install new windows and doors or change their roof type.

How Do I Know If My Attic Insulation Is Adequate?

As stated earlier, our hands-on inspection and energy audit is the best way you can definitely find out your current attic insulation situation. We’ll check first to make sure your attic has any insulation at all. Believe it or not some homes never had any attic insulation to begin with. This means every homeowner who has ever lived there likely spent hundreds of unnecessary dollars in higher utility bills over the years.

If we determine that your home indeed has insulation, the next step is to investigate if it meets requirements and recommendations set out by modern Energy Star guidelines. Your insulation needs to be anywhere between 14” to 18” deep to achieve proper heat retention.

It’s estimated that roughly 90% of the homes in the U.S are under-insulated. Older homes might only be equipped with about 4” of insulation in the attic. Some residents believe that their attics are up to par in the insulation department because they have 6” to 7” of insulation and the joists are completely filled. To be honest though, this only achieves about an R-21 energy rating when R-38 or even better R-49 are recommended. The insulation must not only fill the joists, but cover up to 10” above the top of the wood.

Attic Insulation Near Me

So Why Do I Need Attic Insulation Again?

To reiterate, the main reason to improve your existing attic insulation is so your home is comfortable. Maybe money isn’t an object to some homeowners, but comfort of you and your guests definitely is. Inadequate attic insulation leads to drafts, heat loss, and warm interior temps depending on the season.

The other main reason to improve attic insulation near me is to indeed lower your electricity bills. Even if you have the financial resources, why not put that extra couple hundred dollars a year towards another renovation that can further improve your home’s market value? When you improve your attic insulation your bills are not only lower, but your HVAC system has a longer life span as well. If you can stretch the life of your furnace or AC an extra 5-10 years the upfront purchase price actually ends up attic insulation cost  you less on an annual basis ($5,000 for 20 years compared to $5,000 for 10 years). You’ll also have a longer period to save up for an HVAC replacement meaning you may be able to afford an even more energy efficient model – thus saving you even more in utility bills in the future.

Hopefully you’ve made the decision to at least investigate your current attic insulation near me. Contact us to schedule an energy audit or to learn more about the importance of having proper insulation in your attic – as well as the rest of your home.

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