Attic Roof Insulation

Aug 23, 2017

In office and factory buildings having efficient roof insulating materials can also be of major benefit. You see, what happens is that the attic roof insulation prevents the heat escaping before it passes the roofs surface. The net effect of this is that your workers will be kept much cooler in summer. This increases the productivity of your work force and makes for a happier and more relaxed workplace.

Having effective attic roof insulation in the roof cavity and behind stud walls will make sure that you are kept as cool as possible during the summer months and will also help to retain as much heat as possible in winter by preventing it escaping through your roof. If you have attic rooms or have had a loft conversion, efficient insulation is an absolute must. Lofts and attics are well known for being freezing cold in winter but even more so for being extremely hot in summer.

Attic Roof Insulation

Attic Roof Insulation

If you are tired of having to endure uncomfortable temperatures in your home and are fed up with power bill surprises than now is the time to take a good look at polyurethane foam roof insulation. It is applied to the roof surface on the exterior of the home before the actual roof is applied, so it not only works to prevent heat from entering the attic at the roof but it also helps to seal the home from small leaks that can cause dry rot to the structure of the home.

Its solid and rigid and will never deteriorate or settle and in fact a grown man can walk on it and it won´t budge. Its the same material that surf boards are made of and it has been used commercially for decades. Its only recently that the technology has been developed to bring it to your home and make it available to be applied just prior to your home being re roofed.

If you go up into your attic on a sunny day you may be surprised to find that it is as hot as an oven up there and a good portion of that heat is going to end up in your home. While you are up there you may also notice that the blown in attic roof insulation has settled considerable. You can have more blown in, but it too will settle with time and besides you still have your attic functioning as a solar oven just a foot or so from your head.

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Everyone knows the importance of roof insulation, especially if you live in areas of extreme temperatures – hot or cold. Roof insulation can drastically reduce heating or air conditioning needs, which will save you money and help the environment by reducing the amount greenhouse gasses released, not to mention keeping you and your family more comfortable.

Upping the ante on your roofing insulation will cost you a little up front, but the amount of money you save in heating and cooling costs will quickly offset your investment. Most people are familiar with the old standby, fiberglass insulation. Typically produced in rolls or “batts,” these fiberglass materials can cause itchy skin and respiratory irritation. The production process of fiberglass insulation is distinctly NOT environmentally friendly and often uses cancer-causing chemicals including formaldehyde. Fiberglass insulation is fire-resistant (a good thing) but when it does burn, it releases a number of toxic substances.

Their are many benefits of using effective roofing insulation in your home. What you can achieve with prudent use of effective roofing insulation and the savings you can make in terms of cutting down your heating costs. Your roof is a direct source of a major portion of your homes heating problems in the summer and polyurethane foam insulation stops this heat right at its entry point.

When you stop to take a look at the multitude of roof insulating materials on today’s market foam roof insulation has the highest insulating value. As well as this it’s very strong, it’s easy to fit and convenient. Energy prices in recent times have spiralled upward and upwards and now it may be time for to consider installing some better insulation materials in your roof in order to save money in the long run by cutting down your heating bills.

The usual idea that people get when they consider using a roofing contractor to install more efficient insulation is that it will alter the appearance of their home in some major way. This is not so, fitting more efficient insulation materials in your roof will have no effect on the appearance of your home at all because the insulation is fitted beneath the existing roofing materials.

This product has significant insulating properties, so it will save you more money than traditional fiberglass batts. In addition to being a very green roof insulation option, cellulose fiber insulation is treated with a very effective (and typically environmentally friendly) fire retardant that may actually slow the spread of fire. This product also has sound dampening qualities to cut down on outside noise and it is treated with a product that deters mice, rats, and other such vermin that like nesting in your attic. This product is slightly higher in cost but yields much higher energy savings.

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