Blown In Insulation Cost Per Square Foot

Jul 24, 2018

In blown in insulation cost per square foot professionals offer two types of blown insulation, fiberglass and cellulose. With blown insulation you can improve energy efficiency and reduce building energy consumption for the life of your building. Approximately one third of your structures heat loss is through your ceiling into the attic. No seams in your insulation give you a complete blanket of thermal protection. Both types are installed in the same methods and applications.

Blown In Insulation Cost Per Square Foot

Blow-in insulation can help:

. Reduce your utility bills and maximize the energy efficiency of your home or building
. Make your home or building more comfortable year round
. Reduce noises from outside and also from inside your home or building between different rooms and levels
. Improve the performance of your air conditioner and furnace
. Protect against air and moisture infiltration (and help eliminate mold growth)
. Contribute to a healthier environment

In comparison to batt insulation, blown insulation fills the nooks and crannies of an area. It also offers more protection against seeping moisture and nesting rodents. Blown insulation boasts versatility and the ability to access hard-to-reach areas (i.e. Chimneys).

It can be used as your primary insulation, or it can be installed over other types of insulation to fill in gaps and provide an extra barrier. Since its particles are normally treated with borate, blown insulation also works as a fire retardant and insect repellent.

Types of blown insulation

  • Fiberglass insulation – small particles of formaldehyde free, high recycled content, spun glass fibers
  • Cellulose insulation – recycled newspapers or cardboard which have been chemically-treated to resist flame and insects
  • Benefits that comes with blown in insulation cost per square foot

In addition, blown insulation is environmentally friendly, using recycled materials. Whether you are insulating an old home, new home or commercial building, you have plenty of reasons to feel good about this eco-friendly insulation.

Summary of the benefits of blown insulation

. Affordability
. Increasing energy efficiency
. Lowering energy bills
. Reducing noise
. Fire retardant
. Insect repellent
. Fills the smallest crevices
. Faster installation
. Environmentally friendly
. Versatility

Blown insulation is a solid insulation choice for your home or building. However, unlike spray foam, its R-Value decreases over time, after the insulation materials have settled.

Blown insulation services mean loose insulation. These types of services are done with the use of loose particles which are blown in the loft of your residence or in your office. The main advantage that blown in insulation offers is that you can insulate your building whenever you wish to.

Even you do not have to tear out the walls or ceiling for blown in insulation. All this are the reasons why this type gained huge popularity. It is very beneficial in cases of buildings which need some added insulation. The process of blown in insulation is quite easy, but it is to make sure that all the elements required for the procedure must be taken in exactly equal proportion. It is always advisable to recruit a professional in order to install it.

Why Blown In Insulation Cost Per Square Foot is necessary?

Blown-in insulation is very popular in open wall spaces and will dramatically reduce your heating and cooling costs. Not only will it reduce your monthly utility bills but you can take advantage of the rebates and tax credits.


We evaluate your home to make sure you have the optimum amount of insulation keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Proper insulation is crucial to maximizing comfort in the home, helps eliminate dangerous ice dams and lowers energy costs.

Types of insulation

Insulation is designed to maintain a stable interior temperature regardless of the outdoor weather. There are four main categories for insulation. The type you choose depends on these factors:

> The square footage of the area
> The type of space
> The effects of your local climate
> Your budget
> Your home’s current R-value

Blown insulation services bring about host of advantages with it. It can be used in the ceilings, loft, walls as well as the floors. Blown in insulation cost per square foot is very much cost effective. Blown insulation particles are made up of recycled material and are very cheaper.

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Even if you want to insulate little space at your home this is perfect choice. It saves money as well and a wise choice to invest. Although it is inexpensive but the blown in insulation procedure is highly safe and extremely Eco – friendly. Also the blown in insulation particles conforms fire safety. It is very easy to install even.

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