Blown Insulation for Your Home

Nov 04, 2017

In the presence of a diverse range of insulation options from the fiberglass blankets to the rigid foam panels to blown attic insulation, selecting one that is perfect for your residential or commercial property is not an easy task. You need to consider your needs and requirements before selecting an insulation method because each one of them has its own limitations and work ideally in a particular environment. To make an appropriate choice for your residential or commercial building, contact your local professional insulation contractor.Seeking professional advice from blown insulation St. Paulexperts is always a good idea;they can determine what is right for your insulation needs.

Always collect as much information as you can so that you have sufficient knowledge about the pros and cons of each and every product. Blown insulation is a widely used insulating product in residential as well as commercial properties and comes in two compositions; fiberglass and cellulose. It is ideal for use in the attic and roof cavity. Consult blown insulation St. Paulexperts to find out which composition is right for your needs.

Blown Insulation

Blown Insulation

Although both compositions of blown insulation are ideal for your insulation needs as they come with almost the same R-values, cellulose product offers slightly more R-value because of its tendency to settle down. For optimum results, you should hire blown insulation St. Paulexperts to professionally install the insulation.

Blown insulation

Blown insulation method is capable of blocking almost 75% of heat losses and also act as a shield for noise and reduce entry of unwanted sound. Mostly existing and old buildings can easily be insulated using blown insulation St. Paul in wall insulation methods. This insulation installation can easily be done by professionals; you can read these steps which are mentioned below to have a better understanding of how this system works.

1. Initially, certified blown insulation St. Paulcontractors will choose whether to blow wall insulation from an exterior or interior wall by using specialized tools so that they can provide you an effective solution. Normally, exterior walls are selected for insulating purpose in order to keep the interior walls off from dust, repairs, and messes.

2. The following step would be to separate a single section of the siding of separate walls along the side of every floor. Around the openings of the window, a piece of siding from above and below the window is detached in order to access the cavities. However, if your house has brick or stucco walls, it would be wise if you ask blown insulation St.

Paulexperts to access the walls from inside.

3. After that, blown insulation St. Paul experts will drill 2″ holes in the walls along the residential or commercial property and spaces amongst frame studs are spotted for the purpose of drilling holes. If there is no window or door opening to remove/separate the cavity, typically only one hole is used.

4. As soon as drilling is complete, a hose is inserted with help of equipment into cracks. Also note that the blowing equipment has a specified pressure gauge to show when the crack is filled up. The professional insulation contractor is experienced with this type of machine and work.

5. Once the insulation method is complete, holes of panels or inside walls are patched, siding is reinstalled according to the technique that is being adopted for drilling them, and the insulation work is completed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blown Attic Insulation


• Blown insulation is a common type of insulation and also an easiest type of insulation to install. Blown insulation St. Paulexperts know how to do the job proficiently and within budget.
• Installation is fast as compared to other types of insulation techniques and methods.This is subject to the size of an attic.
• For additional insulation, batt insulation may be installed on top of the blown attic insulation, but it increases the cost. It is recommended that you stay with the recommendations of blown insulation St. Paul near me experts to control your expenses and to get the best of the best insulation solution available.
• The thermal resistance is the lower compared to other insulation material types.

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