Blown Insulation Minneapolis

Sep 11, 2017

A Complete Guide to Blown-in Insulation

What is blown-in or blown insulation?

Blown-in insulation or blown insulation Minneapolis is an insulating methodology that involves either spraying or blowing insulation products into attics, floors, cavities, holes, and creaks in walls. The methods vary based on the chosen type of insulation.

It is also called “loose fill insulation” and considered to be the ideal method for insulating structures or for additional insulation. The method involves the even blowing in and distribution of loose particles into various cavities and holes between both exterior and interior walls of a house or building.

Blown insulation Minneapolis is of three types based on the materials used – cellulose, mineral types and fiberglass. Amongst these three – the fiberglass variant is the most preferred and common one.

Blown Insulation Minneapolis

What are the benefits of blowing-in insulation?

The benefits of blown insulation Minneapolis are immediate and can help your home be more energy efficient. The most important ones are –

  • Easy to install
  • Highly efficient
  • Higher ROI or return on investment

Easy to install

Blown-in insulation is known for its easy to blown insulation installation minneapolis attributes. Some homeowners might choose to DIY but we always recommend hiring a professional. And if it is done by a professional, it will get completed at an efficient and fast pace. In fact, with a highly trained insulation team, you can insulate an entire house within a few hours duration only. Our insulation teams are experienced and prepared to properly insulate your home.

Highly efficient

Blown insulation Minneapolis is also popular for its efficiency and performance, especially when compared to batts. Blown-in insulation consists of loose-fill – monolithic insulation layer, absent of any seam. And experts have found that such type of insulation offers higher performance than similar R value fiberglass batts.

Higher ROI (return on investment)

Blown insulation Minneapolis also ensures higher return on investment to builders and homeowners – given the fact that its application is easier, fast, and convenient.

Blown Insulation Minneapolis

Apart from these benefits, blown-in insulation is also –

  1. Eco-friendly because it involves the use of recycled materials
  2. It works with the most stubborn areas – like small areas, around chimneys, etc.
  3. You can access the most formidable areas of a house
  4. With blown insulation Minneapolis you can add it to an existing insulation or use it as the primary source of insulation for additional heat and air barrier.

Blown-in Cellulose Insulation

Blown insulation Minneapolis – as mentioned above – is of three types. And blow-in cellulose insulation is one of them. Blow-in cellulose insulation is a composition of cellulose – which includes 70% – 80% recycled materials, like paper fiber. The remaining percentage is comprised of a fire retardant like ammonium sulfate or boric acid.

Blown-in Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass blown insulation Minneapolis primary composition is of silicate fiber and it is less expensive than spray foam. It is recommended for a professional blown insulation contractors near me to install insulation unless the homeowner has experience.

Mineral-based Blow-in Insulation

Mineral-based blown insulation Minneapolis is made of mineral wool loose fill – of either spun, slag, molten rock or blown into fibers.

Why is blown insulation the most preferred or popular type of insulation?

Blown insulation Minneapolis is gaining popularity with each passing day because of a single crucial factor – it is easy to apply and extremely effective. If you are retrofitting your house or building with insulation, you do not have to go about scraping floors, walls, ceilings, etc, to an extensive level. You simply need to insert the tube to blow the insulating components.

Blown Insulation Minneapolis

Which part of a house can you insulate with the technique of blown-in insulation?

You can make use of the blown-in insulation methodology in various parts of your house – ranging from attic crawl region, ceilings, floors to walls. Often homeowners incur a huge expense while insulating a large space but in case of blown insulation, you do not have to worry about the cost. Blown insulation cuts through the cost factor to a great extent because the technique calls for the use of only recycled materials. Furthermore, this insulation variant is affordable because it does not require many professionals to do the insulation.

Can a homeowner install blown insulation by himself/herself?

Blown insulation Minneapolis is an easy process to install for professionals. If a homeowner is looking to DIY, you can typically get the necessary materials and equipment for blow insulation technique from your supply store only or rent them. Having a professional install insulation ensures that it is installed properly, efficiently, and brings your home the most comfort.

What are the pros and cons of blown insulation – especially for the attic area?

The cons of blown insulation are outnumbered by pros. Here are a few of them:


  • The thermal resistance measurement or the R-factor is lowest in the blown insulation technique.
  • Blowing insulation in a uniform manner is not easy, especially in the attic area because of the R-factor.


  • Blown insulation is less expensive than the others.
  • Speedy installation.
  • It covers every gap in an area.
  • It’s easy to install.

As the energy costs continue to increase, it is only intelligent and evident to a complete home insulation. And blown insulation Minneapolis is the method to choose. It not only protects homes and buildings but also helps in lowering monthly utility bills.

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