Blown Insulation Near Me

Sep 07, 2017

Poor Insulation Affects Your Entire Home

It is estimated that on average about 40% of heat produced by your HVAC system is lost through gaps around doors and poor insulation in general. Since heat naturally rises, it is not hard to estimate that a majority of that loss goes out your home’s attic. It is for this reason that blown insulation near me is such a great investment.

The return on investment of blown-in attic insulation is actually the best in the home improvement industry, recouping over 100% of the initial investment. This is factoring in only the increased market value of your home and the higher listing price you will be able to attain when it is time to sell. The real value of blown insulation near me is lowered utility bills on a month to month basis. When the heat is not allowed to escape out your attic, it stays in your home and therefore allows your furnace to cycle less.

Blown Insulation Near Me

Besides financial incentive, there is a comfort improvement that comes with improving insulation over your entire home. This means not only in the attic, but also walls and joists from the foundation to the roof. Here is an example of how poor insulation can be driving up utility bills in a number of areas in your home.

The Importance of Basement Insulation

If you have a finished basement, you know the importance of having insulation installed. It is hard to enjoy a game in a basement rec room when the cold, exposed walls of your foundation are the only thing anybody can think about.

Something you may not consider is that even if your basement is unfinished, it could actually benefit from having insulation installed. Although heat traditionally rises, one of its other properties is to gravitate towards colder air. The coldest air in your home comes from the basement which means heat from a kitchen or living room could be evacuating downwards. This is why basement ceiling insulation (floor joists) can help lower utility bills even in an unfinished basement. For even more of a barrier you can insulate basement walls on either the interior or exterior.

You might not even have a basement at all but crawlspaces should still be insulated. If there is adequate ventilation in the crawlspace, insulation can be installed on the subfloor/joists. If there is no ventilation, the walls of the crawlspace should be insulated and a moisture barrier installed on the floor.

Blown Insulation Near Me

Ground Level Insulation in the Home

Blown insulation near me is obviously very important on the ground level of your home. This is done for both energy efficiency purposes as well as for comfort. It is hard to enjoy TV in the living room or a meal in the kitchen when the rooms are cool and drafty. One major area of air loss in both new and old homes is around windows and doors. The gaps around windows and doors can be costing you hundreds of dollars a year regardless of the R-value of the insulation installed in the wall cavities.

Attic Insulation Tips

Finally, attic insulation is very important because of how the heat rises in your home. Roughly 90% of single family homes in the United States are under-insulated. This is especially true in the attic where some older homes contain no insulation whatsoever. If you are unsure what the current insulation is like in your home, call your local blown in insulation contractors like Affordable Insulation. Our insulation representatives can perform an inspection to determine if there is insulation and also the current levels.

Insulating the attic also has effects on your home’s roof. There are two methods of insulating the attic, one which creates a cold space and another which makes a warm space. A warm roof will be insulated under the rafters of the roof while a cold space contains insulation on the floor of the attic. This is mostly determined on whether you are using your attic for storage / living or not at all. Please contact us for more information about which blown insulation near me is right for your specific attic uses.

Blown Insulation Near Me

Home Insulation Summary

The main point that we reiterate is just because you think your insulation is adequate, be vigilant in inspecting the entire home. You might even be losing heated or cooled air out of an unfinished attached garage. Basically, when it comes to improving your home’s energy efficiency and lowering your utility bills as much as possible there’s no such thing as “too efficient”. Give blown insulation contractors near me a call today so we can explain how your home can be more energy efficient – and more comfortable during the summer and winter months. It’s that easy!

Affordable Insulation offers financing options and rebate programs from certain energy providers. Call us today for more information!

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