Commercial Insulation Minneapolis

Sep 11, 2017

Choosing The Best Commercial Insulation

What is the benefit of commercial insulation Minneapolis? Insulating commercial properties can save high energy expenses each year. Proper insulation reduces the annual usage of energy – which is directly related to the sustenance of our environment. Low energy use means reduced emission of carbon dioxide, power plant toxic wastes and overall empowerment of Green Environment.

Commercial buildings and their impact on the environment

The US Department of Energy stated that one-third energy consumed within the premises of commercial buildings is aligned with cooling and heating. Having such buildings insulated will help in the reduction of energy load, as well as boost energy savings.

It is known fact that higher usage of energy leads to the emission of carbon dioxide and other toxic components in the environment. The result: ecological deterioration. Commercial insulation Minneapolis when done perfectly – will create advantageous layers to promote control of condensation and temperature, energy savings, ecological sustainability and reduction of noise.

Commercial Insulation Minneapolis

Why is commercial insulation important?

Commercial space is used for different purposes – from the execution of large industrial projects, storage to the operation of workshops. Installing a proper insulation is mandatory for the controlled functioning of a commercial property.

Commercial insulation benefits

Accurate temperature control internally

Getting commercial insulation Minneapolis done means efficient locking of cold or hot air. Cold or hot air tends to escape easily from poorly insulated infrastructures. As a result, it becomes difficult to maintain an ambiance of uniform temperature – which might be comfortable for everyone occupying or residing in the place. Commercial insulation helps in the prevention of cold or hot air leakage. It also maintains the desired level of temperature throughout the year.

Prevention of air convection

In Minnesota, we want warm interiors during winter months. Low exterior temperature and high interior temperature cause the cold air to sink and warm air to rise. It is because of this winter temperature phenomenon air tends to escape when it is left unrestricted. Commercial insulation Minneapolis helps prevent air convection. The best form of insulation is one with high R value because it is heat transfer resistant.

Energy and cost savings

Doing a proper commercial insulation near me upgrade will assist in keeping the interior air level at a consistent and comfortable temperature. It will also prevent air leakage. Both this aspect of the insulation leads to the lowering of electricity expenses.

What are the types of commercial insulation?

There are many forms of commercial insulation – like – rigid insulation, foil backed sheathing insulation, fiberglass insulation. The purpose of insulating commercial spaces is solely for temperature control and energy cost savings.

Commercial Insulation Minneapolis

Types of commercial insulation Minneapolis

Foil Backed Sheathing

Foil backed sheathing is a type of commercial insulation that functions differently than the others. Instead of slowing down the heat, it reflects it. This form of insulation generally makes use of aluminum foil, along with other back materials.

Rigid Insulation

Rigid insulation – as the name suggests – is a stiff form of insulation. It is designed with a board and available in either 8 feet or 2 and a half feet widths’ board. The rigid commercial insulation Minneapolis is used most commonly on foundation walls exterior or underneath its siding.

Reflective Insulation

The next type of commercial insulation is reflective insulation. It is a very efficient insulating product and is commonly designed with an attached aluminum foil, with a generic backing component. Using this type of insulating product will aid in the reduction of monthly energy expenses.

Batt Insulation

Batt insulation is yet another common type of commercial insulation Minneapolis product. It is specifically for areas like – small crevices, holes, plumbing and wiring aspect of a commercial establishment. It is important to size batts insulation to provide a secure fit on all sides. It is crucial to complete all the cavities thoroughly. And to do so, one has to cut the product to ensure a perfect fit in the desired area.

Sound Insulation

Another type of commercial insulation is the sound insulation. You can acquire the best results, based on the quality of the product. If you get a thicker pile, you will experience enhanced results. In fact, dense and thick insulation deliver the perfect performance.

Commercial Insulation Minneapolis

How to choose the best commercial insulation?

When it comes to insulating a commercial space, you need to consider multiple factors. Heating and cooling management of a commercial property is a daunting task. Thus, giving priority to choosing the best products for commercial insulation Minneapolis MN is mandatory. You need to determine numerous options before making the final decision.


Budget is the number one factor involved in the process of choosing the best commercial insulation product. When it is about insulating a commercial building, it is important for the business to determine their budget. So, cutting on expenses and cost, will not ensure a perfect insulation outcome. But at the same time, splurging will not guarantee the best product as well. The key is to weigh your budget and align it with proper research work to access the desired result.


Basements are usually a source of temperature fluctuation. If the basement is made of concrete flooring then expect the increased level of air loss. Thus, the best thing to do is get carpeting to help with insulation. Along with carpet, insulate the walls. You can choose to use spray foam insulation.


Determine the commercial insulation Minneapolis R-value to understand its performance level. Higher R-values provide better insulating results. It is important to remember the return on investment that insulation provides.

Ask your local insulation company what option is best for the commercial building and request an inspection and estimate. Doing so will ensure energy efficiency and performance throughout the commercial space!

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