Commercial Insulation St. Louis Park – In-depth Guide

Nov 04, 2017

Attics are not the only places that require insulation. Though insulation is a significant aspect of residential buildings and properties, it is also vital for commercial spaces too. Insulation installation helps in the maximization of energy and comfort – whether in private properties or commercial settings.

For commercial insulation St. Louis Park, it is important to choose the right insulation product, especially one that comes with a superior quality insulator. Commercial insulation requires the determination of many factors. This guide to commercial insulation St. Louis Park will assist you in making the right decision.

Commercial Insulation

Commercial Insulation

Ideal Products for Commercial Insulation St. Louis Park

● Rigid board – Rigid foam or rigid board insulation is either made with polyurethane, polyisocyanurate or polystyrene and is used for the insulation of new commercial buildings.
● Fiberglass – Fiberglass is used for the insulation of structures and is a great insulation for commercial spaces.
● Rockwool – Rockwool insulation is made of minerals and rocks that are spun into high-temperature, small-sized, resistant fibers. It is also called rock wool or slag wool and used for numerous commercial applications.
● Spray foam – Spray foam insulation is another idea option for commercial buildings.

Factors To Consider for Commercial Insulation St. Louis Park

Sound insulation

When it comes to commercial insulation near me, you should consider using a product that helps in the creation of acoustic sound in the surroundings. It is a crucial point because sound control will help commercial space occupants to work and collaborate in a peaceful environment. Some types of commercial insulation for sound control are mineral wool and fiberglass insulation. It provides sound control between floors, ceilings, interior rooms, exterior spaces, etc. You can choose mineral wool batts or fiberglass for building an acoustic environment through the cellulose insulation.

Thermal Effectiveness

Thermal effect and performance is another point of consideration for commercial insulation near me  St. Louis Park. The goal of every insulation procedure is to aid in the maximization of R-value. The combination of mineral wool and fiberglass insulation creates airtight sealing, which reduces air infiltration to zero level. Another aspect of thermal effectiveness is UV stability. Mineral wool and fiberglass insulations are UV stable. They do not incur a loss in thermal performance when exposed to UV rays.

Fire Resistant

One of the most important aspects of commercial building safety is fire protection. Thus, the next point to consider for commercial insulation St. Louis Park is fire protection. Mineral wool and fiberglass insulation are non-combustible in nature. However, spray foam insulation is susceptible to ignite. On the other hand, cellulose insulation calls for the application of 20% fire retardants for the reduction of flammability of thermal insulation.

Sound Transmission Class Rating

Sound Transmission Class or STC rating is another factor to consider for commercial insulation St. Louis Park. spray foam insulation comes with 37 – 39 STC rating, while, mineral wool and fiberglass insulation provides 43 STC rating.

Health Factors

Health impacts are real issues when it comes to any form of insulation – whether it is residential or commercial insulation St. Louis Park. Spray foam insulation might cause sensitization and asthma because it contains isocyanates. Mineral wool and fiberglass insulation are not classified as carcinogens.

Sustainability Factor

Consider the types of insulation and sustainability. Some types of insulation are made of recycled products. All insulation will help lower energy bills and make the building more energy efficient.

Mold Growth and Moisture

The final factor to determine when upgrading or installing commercial insulation St. Louis Park is mold growth and moisture. Mineral wool and fiberglass insulation do not require any sort of curing or drying process. Therefore it helps secures the space from moisture development.

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Commercial insulation St. Louis Park and its different products – when chosen with prior research and analysis – will help save a lot of heat and energy costs. Call us today for more information on commercial insulation products and installation.

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