Foam Insulation Near Me

Sep 07, 2017

The Value of Professional Foam Insulation – And Why It’s Not a DIY Job

Believe it or not, one thing many home service contractors recommend is the value of do it yourself work. It never hurts for a person to get comfortable with the features of their home and DIY work is a great way to save labor costs for a project relatively easy such as smaller repair or renovation projects. However, when it comes to foam insulation near me it is one job that’s best left to the pros.

There are two main stipulations to doing do-it-yourself work. One, you have to be comfortable with the project which is why something like electrical wiring usually is not recommended for the novice handyman. Second, you have to make sure that the DIY work is not actually going to end up costing you more in the long run than it would to just hire a professional in the first place.

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Foam insulation near me falls under both of those blanket statements. The knowledge of how to properly mix the foam insulation compound is not something that is just “known.” The application also needs to be precise, efficient, and calculated. Also, it is indeed very possible to cause expensive damages if the insulation is not applied correctly. Hiring a local foam insulation contractors near me will ensure that the insulation is installed properly.

The Advantages That Professional Foam Insulation Near Me Provides

The first thing to note is that foam insulation is not a consumer product, instead it is an item that absolutely needs to be installed by a professional. Our installation contractors have gone through extensive training on every aspect of the foam insulation process. We have the tools to not only apply the foam correctly, but also in a safe manner.

Not hiring a professional can actually be more costly to the consumer. For one, if the foam insulation near me is not installed correctly, it will have a negative impact on your energy savings. One of the main reasons you’ve decided to install foam insulation is to make your home more energy efficient. When you have gaps or do not completely fill the cavity with foam you’re spending money for nothing.

Another major advantage of hiring us to do the foam insulation is because we are keen on all local building codes and regulations. You wouldn’t want to be forced to make changes down the line because of a building inspector’s audit. Also you don’t want to risk rising premiums in your homeowner’s insurance because of damages you caused in the DIY process. Far-fetched, maybe? But also legitimately possible.

Foam Insulation Near Me

Hiring a pro means the job is not only done correctly so that you have maximum energy efficiency, it also means you’re protected thanks to our insurance and liability coverage.

Are There Real Dangers With a DIY Foam Insulation Job?

When spray foam products are installed they can expand very rapidly. In fact, some of our products expand up to 100X the volume of their liquid form. Foam insulation near me can definitely be installed in finished walls, but with this expansion you can actually cause damage to exterior sheathing or interior sheetrock.

When installing on a finished wall, small holes need to be cut to access each wall cavity. You want the holes to be the proper size so that the drywall can be patched easily and efficiently.

Since spray foam is installed in a liquid form, it can also be very messy. You need to properly prep the surrounding areas as to not avoid long term damage to flooring, furniture, and other items. A professional contractor knows how to keep your home and belongings protected when installing foam insulation.

Also, there are certain chemicals, vapors, and aerosols that accompany the spray foam insulation process. By not following safety protocols you run the risk of exposure to these chemicals which can cause asthma, skin irritation, lung damage, and other respiratory problems.

Foam Insulation Near Me

Be Safe, Be Secure, Hire a Pro

Affordable Insulation is your local foam spray insulation contractors and is ready to help improve the energy efficiency of your home with foam insulation. Our field representatives are thoroughly trained, experienced, and knowledgeable about different types of insulation and what type is best for your home.

Simply put, there is just not enough reward involved with the risk of a do-it-yourself foam insulation near me. You not only threaten to miss out on maximum energy efficiency with a poor DIY job, you can also cause damage to your home and your body. Paying the labor costs associated with hiring a professional insulation installer is worth it in terms of the peace of mind in knowing the job is done right. The payback rate for spray foam insulation is only 2-4 years anyway, so why not maximize your investment by calling us today?

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