Insulation company MN

Mar 18, 2017

The main criteria for the house comfort include sound insulation and thermal insulation, in other words protection from external factors. This is exactly what our Insulation company MN products do. The products are made from high-quality materials and meet high quality standards. We offer our products in Minneapolis, Saint Paul and other cities throughout the state.

Insulation company MN

Insulation company MN

Professional Insulation company MN

Reducing energy costs, providing comfort inside the rooms and aesthetics of external facades, heat and sound insulation materials made of stone wool are affordable, effective and ergonomic option. They ae prompted by nature to create a comfortable life for a modern person. Ease of use, wide assortment of building insulation of our insulation company MN guarantees a highly professional solution to the wide range of end-user problems.

Goals Of Our Company

– Achieving the most affordable price of insulations for the consumer.

– A full-fledged organization of production and marketing of products in accordance with the needs of customers.

– Close cooperation and creation of mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients and partners.

– Ensuring not only reliability and high quality, but also the stability of the production of our products.

– Dynamic development and attention to innovative and promising technologies in this industry.

Basalt insulation is a universal insulation, which is made of basalt rock fibers and is a mineral wool. It is an excellent solution for the thermal insulation of building facades, as it is suitable for work both indoors and outdoors.

Thermal Insulation of Frame Walls of a House

Thermal insulation of frame walls of a house is the best solution for saving costs during the heating season. May it be an apartment or a house, an office or a mansion. It is enough to buy a heater for the walls of a frame house from the manufacturer in order to insulate the walls and achieve greater sound insulation. Additionally, our materials will not rot, absorb moisture and swell, while remaining resistant to chemical damage and adverse effects of the environment.

Insulation company MN

Facade thermal insulation

Warming of the walls of a house is one of the main issues, the solution of which will ensure comfort and warmth during the winter period and save on gas. Among the variety of thermal insulation materials in great demand is facade basalt insulation (stone wool) with wholesale price from the manufacturer. Basalt insulation is a molten stone, of which is made cotton wool, used as a heater.

Roof insulation

About 25% of the heat can be lost through the poorly insulated roof of a house. Modern trends, and heating bills suggest an additional heat protection in the apartment. The most cost-effective solution is to buy a heater for a roof directly from the manufacturer.

Thermal insulation of the floor

Regardless of whether is there a basement or not, the basement and first floors need to have additional insulation. After all, if you do not do this, the room will lose a significant percentage of heat, which will affect the overall condition of the house. A heater for floor from our materials will allow not only to keep the heat in a room, but also to grant additional isolation from vibration and sounds.

Professional sound insulation

Requirements for sound insulation to building materials and constructed structures are required in all cases. This indicator is important for improving the quality of life. Therefore, in the construction of residential and non-residential facilities, it is necessary to use materials that can provide a high level of noise absorption.

Insulation company MN

Since the use of special materials for a montage of a noise-insulating layer is impractical, a heater can be used in this case. Consequently, the layer of thermal insulation performs both functions of absorbing sound and providing silence and comfort inside the house.

We Offer Heating Materials at Reasonable Prices

The properties of our materials make them very popular among professional finishers and construction companies. Our materials are easy to montage, and the level of thermal insulation of a basalt wool is greater than most analog have.

The production of our insulation company MN also has high demand from construction companies. Buying a heater in the retail network can be too expensive. A factory is a manufacturer of products, which makes it possible to buy insulating materials at the lowest price.

The production of our materials is carried out with modern equipment using the latest technological solutions. The factory for the production of our insulation products ensures that the products comply with international quality and safety standards.

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