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Aug 23, 2017

Professional installation of insulation and drywall is essential for a polished look and quality thermal control. Keep your home cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and always looking sharp. If you still aren’t sure what material is best for your roof, you can talk to a roofing company in your area to learn more about the various options available from local insulation contractors. They will also be able to show you samples of each product they install and help you choose the ideal material for your home.

Your local insulation contractor can educate you on the best insulation choice for your particular space and demands. The insulation company will perform installations on new construction, remodels, and restorations in the aftermath of fire or flood. Some of the modern insulation materials and methods include:

Local Insulation Contractors

Local Insulation Contractors

** Spray foam insulation- This choice is great for filling in areas that are awkwardly shaped or riddled with nooks and crannies due to piping and other obstacles. Ideal for insulating around ceiling joists and in between wall frames, spray foam insulation comes in two types: closed cell and open cell. Your local insulation contractors can recommend which will be a better choice. After installation, the liquid insulation hardens and expands to fill the space. Then, once it has dried completely, the excess is cut away to leave the insulation flush and neat.

** Soundproofing insulation– This is an excellent investment if you have noisy neighbors or a fledgling teenage garage band based at your address. Contractors will typically use the “drill and fill” method of soundproofing, which involves drilling holes in your walls, filling them with high density insulation (often spray foam) and then expertly patching the holes.

** Batt insulation- You have probably see these long pink strips of insulation before, as they are the classic insulation choice. Unlike older versions of this product, the more modern batt insulation features increased R-values (a measure of insulation efficiency), vapor barrier backings, and foil barriers to reflect heat.

** Blown insulation– Blown insulation, like spray foam insulation, fills the entirety of the area in which it is installed. Great for dampening sound and for increased thermal efficiency, this loose fiberglass insulation is installed behind a special containment netting and will never settle. It is also resistant to water, fire, and insects and other pests.

Insulation is an important element to any construction, but no one needs (or wants) to see it. Your local insulation contractors are available to cover up your insulated areas with attractive walls that will aid in thermal efficiency. Local insulation contractors will do more than just slap up the drywall and call it a day.

For a professional look and a serious boost in energy-efficiency, call your local drywall and insulation contractors today! With a number of materials now on the market, homeowners may be confused about which materials are best and which ones could cause problems down the road. Roofing contractors often have an opinion about which kind is best depending upon a number of features, including cost, durability, beauty and value. If you aren’t sure what kind of roof you want installed, keep the following information in mind.

Natural Materials Such As Slate Or Wood Shakes

There’s an unmistakable appeal to using natural roof materials such as slate or wood shakes. They have natural striations and irregularities that add depth and character to your home, but there are some concerns. With wood shakes, you’ll discover that the weather can quickly wear out, warp and split the wood, leading to costly repairs or replacement after as little as ten to fifteen years. If you’re set on having wood shakes on your home, be sure to talk to roofing contractors who are familiar with the material and can install them properly for optimal lifespan.

Slate overcomes this problem because it is a natural stone that can last for fifty years or more while showing little or no wear. While slate is exceptionally attractive and has an Old World charm, it is also extremely heavy. You’ll need a roofing company that can reinforce the support beams properly to hold up the weight of the slate. The down side to the natural beauty of slate is that it is a poor insulator, so be sure to add extra insulation under the eaves and in your attic in order to keep electricity costs down.

Metal Makes A Comeback

Before asphalt shingles became the most popular products on the market, a metal roof was the most common choice. It’s easy to install and comes in large sections with fewer seams to worry about. Consequently, you don’t have as many places where leaks or ice dams could cause problems beneath the surface. It’s also completely fireproof, making it ideal for homes in areas that are frequently threatened by forest fires. Metal can last for seventy-five or even a hundred years with little or no maintenance, and it’s easy to paint in just about any color. The cost of metal can be prohibitive for some people, but they should consider the price over time, which can make it more affordable since it lasts so long.

Roofing Contractors Recommend The Versatility Of Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles continue to be a favorite with many home improvement professionals due to their durability, attractiveness and easy installation. Most contractors agree that shingles successfully strike a balance between cost, efficiency and style, appealing to nearly every budget and most homeowners’ style preferences. Asphalt shingles continue to be affordable and they now come in an impressive array of colors, styles and profiles to give added depth to your home.

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Many use shadowing or sculptural designs to mimic the more expensive look of slate or wood while retaining the long life expected of asphalt shingles. Roofing contractors can easily replace or repair damaged asphalt shingles, so the cost of maintenance is minimal. Improved materials mean that today’s asphalt shingles are lightweight and durable while remaining affordable for every homeowner.

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