Residential Insulation Near Me

Sep 07, 2017

The Real Return on Investment of an Insulation Upgrade

According to the 2017 Cost vs. Value report the cost recouped for attic insulation is 107.7%, easily the most valuable project on the list. That same kind of return on investment, or ROI, can be seen when you insulate the walls of your home as well. The fact that this project is essentially “free” offers more than enough incentive to look into an upgrade of residential insulation near me.

On paper, a residential insulation upgrade may not seem like the ‘prettiest’ home renovation project. Sure, we would all probably have more noticeable value in installing a hot tub or turning a basement into a theater or game room, but improving insulation has a return on investment that is far-reaching.

Residential Insulation Near Me

Financial Return on Investment of Residential Insulation Near Me

One of the major reasons for looking into an insulation upgrade is the monetary value. When you improve your insulation, it increases your home’s market value. Whatever you spend on the insulation improvements is recouped and then some when it comes time to sell your home.

Improving residential insulation near me is not only about the long-term payoff. However, when you improve insulation it helps keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter by retaining more of the conditioned air. You can turn your thermostat down and therefore save immensely on utility bills. It is for this reason that an insulation upgrade can be paid back in just 2-4 years.

When your furnace or AC does not have to strain to keep up with all the air that seeps out from poor insulation, it has positive trickle down effects. Fewer cycles means that bearings, fans, cables, and other objects are not working as hard and will therefore last longer. You will save on HVAC repairs and you will legitimately get an extra five or more years out of your furnace and air conditioner just by improving insulation.

Residential Insulation Near Me

Residential Insulation Benefits That Are Not So Black and White

One of the other major advantages of improving residential insulation near me is just an increase in comfort. When air escapes through walls and around windows and doors it creates drafts, which make rooms colder (or warmer) than they are supposed to be. A person on one side of the room might be chilly while somebody on the opposite side is perfectly comfortable. Improving insulation creates a more consistent temperature.

Believe it or not improving residential insulation can also have positive effects on the breathing atmosphere in your home. The same gaps that allow air to escape also let dust, dander, pollen, and other irritants in. Every time your AC kicks on, the vents rustle up all this settled debris and cause eye irritation, difficulty breathing, and potential long-term problems.

Upgrading insulation also helps to create a moisture barrier. Unwanted wetness is kept out of the house and therefore lowers the risk of mold and mildew growth. The mold will not only add to the difficulty in breathing, it can cause damage to flooring, walls, and more.

Residential Insulation Near Me

Another aspect of the comfort return on investment that residential insulation near me provides is evident in its soundproofing properties. You will keep unwanted sounds from penetrating your home and also make sure that passersby are not able to eavesdrop on your private conversations. You can crank up the tunes without turning your neighbors into enemies.

One final major return on investment of improving your home’s insulation is the lessened environmental impact that your home will have. Running a furnace or HVAC system increases your carbon footprint by letting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Obviously, if you reduce the frequency of when your AC or furnace operates then you will simultaneously lower the amount of gases sent into the air.

Insulation Upgrade – an All Around Great Investment

This project is a great idea for the simple fact alone that you recoup on average 107.7% of your initial insulation upgrade costs. Whatever you put in, you are getting back (and then some) when you sell your home. This means that when you factor in the reduced utility bills that you’ll enjoy each month it means that insulation improvement essentially pays you back. Add in a more comfortable and quieter home that has less of an environmental impact and there’s no reason not to give residential insulation contractors for attic a call today to look into improving your home’s insulation.

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