Crawl Space Insulation Cost

Jul 25, 2018

Crawl spaces are shallow structures installed directly into the dirt under your home. As such, they tend to soak up the natural cold of the earth around your home and transfer it into the air in your crawl space. If you have utilities in your crawl space such as your water heater, furnace, or hot water pipes, your energy bills will suffer. The fluctuation in temperature will force your heating and air conditioning systems to work harder, causing your energy costs to rise. Check out free estimates when thinking about crawl space insulation cost.

Insulating Crawl Spaces

If your home has a crawl space, it needs to be insulated and sealed. Otherwise, you could end up dealing with issues like moisture problems and soil vapor intrusion (which can decrease indoor air quality). Crawl spaces are a big source of energy loss in homes, so insulation is extremely important.

Crawl Space Insulation Cost

We can install:

. Cellulose
. Spray foam (for new construction projects)
. Ventilated vs. Unventilated Crawl Spaces

Is your crawl space ventilated or unventilated? You should find out before insulating—and if you aren’t sure, our insulation contractors will be able to tell you. Ventilated crawl spaces should be insulated under the subflooring and between the floor joists. When it comes to insulating crawl spaces that are unventilated, wall insulation is important. Find an affordable price offers for crawl space insulation cost.

For such a small area, a crawl space can have a big huge impact on your home’s energy efficiency if not properly insulated. No matter what type of crawl space you have and what material you use, you’ll notice the difference crawl space insulation can make. Crawl spaces that aren’t properly insulated are prone to water damage from moisture from the ground under your house. This can cause inconvenient (and potentially costly) problems.

If your crawl space is ventilated, it can be hard to keep warm in the winter, and during the summer, it can be difficult to dehumidify, which can result in higher levels of moisture. The professionals can insulate the subfloor and between the floor joists. For unventilated crawl spaces, sealing between the house and crawl space isn’t as important, so in our opinion, it’s best to insulate the walls.

Crawl Space Insulation Cost can help:

> Reduce your utility bills and maximize the energy efficiency of your home
> Make your home a more comfortable space
> Improve the efficiency of your air conditioner
> Contribute to a healthier

Usually, crawl spaces are vented to prevent moisture problems. However, many buildings today contain unventilated crawl spaces. This may actually be the best option in homes that have sufficient moisture control and exterior drainage because ventilation in the cold months makes it hard to keep the crawl space warm, and warm, moist air in the summer that enters the crawl space through vents can lead to an increase in moisture levels. If you have an unventilated crawl space, the best approach to take is to seal and insulate the foundation walls, rather than insulating the crawl space’s subfloor.

There are several advantages of insulating your unventilated crawl space. When your crawl space has adequate insulation, moisture control and air sealing, your home will be more comfortable, and you will likely see savings in your home’s energy costs. Other advantages of installing insulation in your unventilated crawl space include:

. There are fewer problems associated with ventilating a crawl space
. Less insulation is required
. There is no requirement for insulation for energy efficiency reasons or protection against freezing (piping and ductwork are within the conditioned areas of the house)

Insulating your crawl space is an important factor in the overall comfort and energy-efficiency of your home. For an area so small, a crawl space offers huge energy savings if properly insulated. So whether you’re looking to add to your home’s current insulation or you want to install new insulation, our experienced team Insulators can help. Get free estimates for crawl space insulation cost.

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If you have a ventilated crawl space, our insulation contractors can insulate the subflooring and between the floor joists. If your crawl space is unventilated, it’s generally recommended to insulate the walls. Whether your crawl space is ventilated or unventilated, sealing is extremely important. Air sealing and insulation are services that often go hand in hand because air leaks can really compromise the performance of insulation. This is especially true when it comes to crawl space insulation—a lot of air leaks in and out of crawl spaces in homes.

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