Crawl Space Insulation Installation Cost

Jul 24, 2018

Nobody loves to pay more! Are you stuck with paying prohibitive energy bills during the colder seasons? If your answer to the above question is yes, then you need to really consider giving your house a dose of crawl space insulation. This will definitely save you some amount in energy bills and give you a load of other varied benefits. For the optimal heat maintenance, consider insulating more than just the walls of your house. The attic, crawl space and basement of your house will benefit you more if they were insulated and checked. Get free estimates for crawl space insulation installation cost.

Installing crawl space insulation is one of the easiest ways to cut your heating and cooling costs in your home. Many people overlook the importance installing insulation under their home, and that is a big mistake. Installing insulation in your crawl space is every bit as important as installing insulation in the attic or the walls.

Crawl Space Insulation Installation Cost

Crawl space insulation can protect your house

This insulation helps in a couple of ways. First, by insulating properly, you are protecting your pipes and the infrastructure of your house from freezing in the cold winter months. Second, the insulation will help make it easier for your heating and air conditioning to maintain a constant temperature in your home. The more constant the temperature remains, the lower your electric bills will run. Finally, the insulation will help to eliminate moisture under your home and prevent your home from developing mold or other moisture related problems which can get very expensive over the long haul.

Many homes that are built over a crawl space often suffer with moisture related issues due to the area surroundings. Naturally, when moisture mixes with wood it creates a recipe for mold and even termite infestation, often leading to the deterioration of a home. Because indoor airflow naturally rises, using a vapor barrier and dehumidifier in the crawlspace can dramatically decrease the amount of moisture and soil gas present. Crawl space insulation installation cost can greatly reduce the risk for:

-Wood rot
-Floor failure
-Decreased insulation R-values
-Increased heating & cooling bills

Insulation is not something that is usually thought about among homeowners. It is typically brought to the forefront by some sort of problem such as moisture or a draft in the house. When this happens, you may turn to crawl space insulation to fix the issue.

The most common form of insulation used for crawl space insulation is fiberglass batts. Being the cheapest form of insulation and relatively easy to install, the batts are not the best choice when it comes to insulating the crawl space. A viable alternative is crawl space foam insulation and we will share with you some of the benefits.

Crawl Space Insulation Installation Cost

Many people are opting for crawl space spray insulation as opposed to the standard fiberglass batts even though the spray insulation for the crawl space will be more costly. The most advantageous feature of the spray insulation is that it is sprayed allowing it to seal off the area completely so that moisture and air cannot cause you more problems.

First of all, you must understand that fiberglass batts simply cannot completely eliminate the movement of air and the accumulation of moisture in your crawl space. Even a correct insulation with batts is unable to completely eliminate moisture and air which means some of the cold and warm air will be lost and your energy bill may not be as low as you hope.

What it helps in removing :-

Dust mites
-Aggravated allergies
-Poor storage environment
-Poor IAQ (Indoor Air Quality

The way to combat this problem is to make sure the home is completely sealed and there is no air leaking into the house from below. The best way to ensure a well insulated home that is completely sealed off is with crawl space foam insulation, more specifically the spray foam. Check out crawl space insulation installation cost free estimates for your home.

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The foam can be sprayed between the studs and is very effective in getting into tight spaces. Places where air constantly escapes are vents in your floors. The spray foam is able to fill in the gaps created by the vents so that your air is not escaping.

Another benefit of crawl space foam insulation is that it is very easy to get around wiring, pipes, and other obstacles under your house. Unfortunately all homes are not perfectly square and sometimes the boards underneath the home are not the correct size and it’s difficult to get the batts to fully seal off the area. This is not a problem when dealing with spray foam insulation.

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