How To Install Insulation In Garage Ceiling

Sep 04, 2017

If you’re like me, your garage is your oasis. A space where you can escape from the craziness and tinker around with your projects. Unfortunately, it’s also the most uncomfortable space in your home.

Insulating company and air sealing your garage will not only make your work more enjoyable, but you’ll create a safer living environment for your family. You’ll be able to get your work done without worrying about loud noises bothering the people on other side of the wall.

How To Install Insulation In Garage Ceiling

How To Install Insulation In Garage Ceiling

Air sealing and insulating your garage door will also prevent deadly gases from entering your living spaces. All in all, not bad for a few hundred bucks and a weekend of your time.How to install insulation in garage ceiling – Things to Consider when attic Insulating your Garage

Most garages are a refuge for all kinds of flammable and noxious stuff. Paint, gas, oil, cleaning products, pesticides and other chemicals are stored on garage shelves right next to the living spaces inside of your home. Battery chargers for your tools or car batteries can create sparks which easily ignite flammable fumes.

Warming up a car inside of a garage creates a lot of carbon monoxide. This deadly gas can seep through the walls and into your home.

How to install insulation in garage ceiling on Insulation Project

Noise from your tools, motors or just plain tinkering around in your garage can wake up your spouse or children. Or just become an annoyance to anyone living in your home which can limit the amount of banging and working you need to do.

In order to prevent gasoline and car fumes from seeping through the walls and into your home. You need to air seal the wall cavities between the garage and walls that are connected to your home. Hopefully, your walls are not covered with drywall yet and you have access to the insulation framing. If not, you’ll have to decide if removing and replacing the drywall is worth the effort.

Air sealing the walls is cheap and easy. All you need it a couple cans of Great Stuff and a tube of silicone caulk. Start off by examining the wall. Look for any obvious holes, gaps or cracks like those usually left over from electricians and plumbers. Any holes where electrical wires or plumbing pierce through the wall need a good squirt of Great Stuff.

You may have light switches and/or electrical outlets on the wall that protrude through your home’s living spaces. They are easily air sealed with a bead of silicone caulk around the perimeter of the electrical box where it protrudes through the drywall. Shoot a dab of caulk around any holes in the electrical box where the wires enter and exit. Then smooth it out with your finger. Be careful not to squirt too much into the box while attic roof insulation.

How to install insulation in garage ceiling for Insulating Your Garage

Then focus your attention on the bottom of the wall. Fumes can seep in underneath the wall framing where the wood rests on the concrete or block foundation. Run a bead of silicone caulk along the bottom of the wall between the wood and the concrete. Smooth it out by running your finger along the wall. This forces the caulk into the crack so it can completely seal out the fumes. If your wall has a double plate or two 2X4s resting on the foundation, shoot another bead of caulk in between the 2X4s and smooth it out by insulation contractor.

Now it’s time to air seal the wall cavities where the 2X4s touch the inside of your home’s walls. Take a can of Great Stuff and quickly run the tip around the perimeter of the wall cavity while squeezing the trigger. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to look good. No one is going to see it. This is especially important in the bottom part of the wall because most of the fumes are heavier than air and leak in down there. But it’s cheap and easy once you get the hang of it. So I always grab a step ladder and air seal the entire wall.

When you’re insulating a garage wall that is attached to your home, you need to install the insulation backwards. Fiberglass insulation service designed for walls usually comes with a vapor retarder known as kraft facing. The paper side of fiberglass insulation is typically installed facing the living spaces in your home. When you are installing insulation from the outside of the wall, like you are in the garage, the paper should touch the interior part of the wall. So you need to install it backwards with the fuzzy part of the insulation facing you.

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This only applies to the part of the wall attached to your home. When you reach the part of the wall that doesn’t have a living space on the other side. You install fiberglass insulation with the paper side facing you. Staple the insulation’s paper flanges on the edge of the stud, not on the inside. This allows the insulation to fill the entire cavity.

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